About the WCDC

Inner Ocean is a company owned and operated by the Worcester County Developmental Center. From its inception in 1971, the Worcester County Developmental Center has been committed to empowering adults with intellectual and physical disabilities to be productive, responsible, and participating members of the community by providing opportunities for meaningful employment. The WCDC offers employment training, living assistance, and employment opportunities in order to help people with disabilities become more independent and achieve their fullest potential. Inner Ocean is one of many opportunities the WCDC provides as a way for people with disabilities to reach meaningful employment.

The WCDC also provides services or work placement around Worcester County, including Ocean City. Some of these services include

  • Landscaping Services for residences in Ocean Pines
  • Catering (including a venue or at your location)
  • Linen Service – for restaurants and hotels
  • Cleaning and Janitorial Services

With all of the services offered, the WCDC has become known as the premier service provider on the Eastern Shore for adults with disabilities.  To learn more about the WCDC, click here.

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